Gladys, my co-worker, planned for a perfect Christmas gift for me and my family. As a former (semi)professional flower arranger, her every year’s gift are handmade wreaths. Last year she made one for us and at first, although I loved it, I thought it was a strange gift. In Slovenia, we make or buy wreaths 4 weeks before Christmas (this is our Advent time), we attach 4 candles (each candle represents one Sunday before Christmas) and we lit one candle every Sunday up to Christmas. Here in Scotland, it appears there is a different tradition. They have wreaths for time closer to Christmas and I assume this is more for decoration than for “anticipation” of Christmas.

To cut the long story short, this past week Gladys had a plan for us. The plan involved a lot of plant material, of course J. She brought all raw material needed for wreath making and invited us to make our own wreaths. Here is when 6-year-old’s creativity goes wild (and parents manage not to interfere too much):

This is were it all begins.
First, uncertain moves…
Not a wreath, but a tree.
Getting in shape – the colour selected: red.
Wealth of choice of greenery to feed the imagination.
Hard working for best outcome.
Choosing the decorations that fit best.
Going for too much?
The second wreath is colour coded mainly in white and blue.
Getting in shape to compete with any Christmas tree.
The person behind it all: Gladys.
Proud of our achievements!

It still amazes me what a bunch of twigs, some flowers, well-placed decorations and creativity can do. We had a great time and continue to enjoy our gifts. Thank you Gladys!