My project at the James Hutton Institute has officially ended with the last working day in April 2017. I shared farewell cake and best wishes with the people I met during my two years stay at the institute, but the real farewell from my closes collaborators took place two weeks later, when we visited Royal Botanic Garden in Edinburgh. I’m so sad to leave the group, although I’m also looking forward to new adventures in Slovenia.

The team (from left to right): Paula, Jean, Jackie, Philip, Konrad, Gladys

The Botanic garden really is amazing and it reminded me again of the wonderful plant diversity. Here are some photos from the day, although I don’t think I can do justice to the plants or the day with my photos…

The day was warm and we were all keen on exploring the Garden
The amazing shapes of flowers amaze me every time
These leaves remind me of chubby hands clasped in prayer
The oldest plant in the garden: stone gate palm
The cross-section of the palm tree trunk (note: this is not wood)
Meshy-purple orchid
Stripy-pink orchid
Doesn’t this look like a snake?
Not all flowers have flower stems
The team minus I at the pond
Gladys challenged me to make a good photo of a drop – with good zoom, the camera is seen in it
These were, I think, seeds, not fern spores underneath the leaves
The pattern on this flower is awesome
Yellow water lily
I’ll scare you away by just staring at you!