The vernalisation period (12 weeks in the cold room at 4°C) of my “Brassicas” is over and the plants are safely stored in a warm glasshouse to await flower and then, hopefully, seed formation. To my surprise, one of the genotypes flowered already in the cold room, so for sure I will get seed from that one :).

In the meanwhile, plants that did not fit into the cold room, had to experience several moves so I could find the best place for them.

Bagged broccoli flowers.

I hope I have it now, but previous high humidity and poor ventilation took the toll and I lost some broccolis. 😦 The broccoli heads were just too big and once bagged for selfing they started to get mouldy… Luckily the plants are developing new flowers and I’ve been bagging them and patiently waiting for seeds. In few cases I’ve been already rewarded:


and I’m looking forward to see seeds on other plants. I was surprised to see that broccoli has yellow or white flowers.

Yellow flowers on broccoli.
White flowers on broccoli.

For one, I am really excited about cauliflowers flowering. These are my cauliflowers for now:


Being patient, not my best feature, is now my constant companion….